KCHUNG Radio Residency at the Telfair Museum
3/8/17 — 4/14/17

The Jepson Center's atrium has been taken over by KCHUNG Radio! KCHUNG Radio is an all-volunteer broadcast platform based in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Founded in 2011, it has now grown to involve over 200 members (comprising artists, musicians, activists, the radio curious!) and they broadcast over 100 shows per month.

KCHUNG uses broadcasting as a creative form sharing diverse voices and viewpoints. Some of the shows are going to be hosted by Savannah citizens, community members, and artists, and some shows will be hosted by KCHUNG artists and musicians. The idea is that by offering airtime to many different people and their ideas, we can create community with others through radio and encourage wide participation!

You will find KCHUNG broadcasting at the Jepson Center daily from March 8 through April 14th, and be sure to follow our social media for special programs and events where KCHUNG broadcasts live from around the city!

Want to get involved?

Email Michal Kamran at michal@kchungradio.org, or stop by at the Jepson Center and fill out a shift form.

Share your photos and videos

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